Research Services

In addition to providing customized laboratory automation solutions for clients, we also provide various scientific research services based on our existing automated laboratories,

Especially for experiments involving a large number of repetitive manual operations, our automation ability will show absolute advantages in timeliness and experimental quality.

Cell Gene Editing Service

Gene editing is a kind of genetic engineering technology which can precisely modify the specific target gene of organism genome. With the advent of CRISPR system, gene editing has become more efficient and convenient than ever before. Gene editing plays an important role in most fields of life sciences, including gene function discovery, signal pathway analysis, protein modification and optimization, antibody verification and disease model establishment. CRISPR-Mega™ is a gene editing system developed by MEGAROBO on the basis of CRISPR-Cas9 system. Through the whole process optimization from gRNA design, vector construction, to monoclonal screening, our gene editing efficiency is significantly better than the industry's common solutions. Combined with the MegaLab™ automated cell culture and screening system independently developed by Mega Lab, it can achieve efficient gene knockout, single base mutation or gene knockout in a variety of difficult cell lines

CRISPR Filtering Service

Based on the flexible design and construction ability of CRISPR system, genes or DNA elements with specific biological functions can be found in the whole genome at low cost. At present, CRIPSR screening has been widely used in many life science fields, such as signal pathway function research, disease mechanism research, non-coding sequence function research, target discovery and new drug development. Compared with traditional screening methods, such as siRNA, CRISPR based screening is more accurate and efficient. Combined with the second-generation sequencing technology, CRISPR can screen the whole genome without bias, thus greatly improving the speed of discovering new knowledge.

Construction of Stable Expression Cell Line

Stable expression cell line (stably transfected cell line) is to stably express specific genes or interfere with specific gene expression in cells. The objective gene plasmid DNA of stably transfected cell line is integrated into the cell chromosome to make the cell stably express the gene for a long time. After phenotypic screening, we can obtain a stable and stable monoclone cell line. With rich experience in stable cell line construction technology and mammalian cell culture screening, MEGAROBO can provide customized cell line services for you. Thanks to MEGAROBO's self-developed high-throughput automated cell screening system, the whole process is efficient and without artificial bias. The stable cell line can be directly applied to downstream biological research, including gene regulation, protein engineering, preparation of recombinant antibodies, drug research and development, etc. 

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