MegaLab Plus Industry Customized Solutions

MegaLab™ robot lab is mainly suitable for the experimental process of using standard microplates as containers and having corresponding automatic instruments in a single experimental step. For clients with further demand, we provide MegaLab Plus™ industry customized solutions. Nonstandard containers? Unusual experimental process? Production-level quality control requirements? These are not problems. We are happy to design highly personalized customized solutions for you. We have produced nearly 100 personalized solutions for clients in the biological, chemical and petrochemical industries, and delivered dozens of automation systems.

Research Services

Case: Automatic code spraying and labeling system of centrifugal pipe 

Original process and pain points:

>>Clients need to manually spray code on the cover of the 1.5ml centrifugal tube and label the tube wall manually. The demand is large (9000 pieces per day). 4-5 technicians are required to work together at the same time, and the labor cost continues to increase.

>>Labeling requires the head and tail to be aligned, and it takes time to train skilled technicians. Moreover, due to the fatigue of working eyes, the post staff often lose.

>>Due to manual operation, there are often problems such as wrong code correspondence, missing, reverse pasting, position deviation of the first and last labeling, poor visual perception, etc., which are complained by clients and the downstream business departments of the company.


We have designed a loading tray for clients to realize automatic loading and unloading, EP pipe body label can be pasted after being printed, the code on the top cover can sprayed online, and the layout of assembly line is arranged, fully meeting the clients’ automation needs. 

Reagent Production

Case: Sub loading, labeling and switch cover system of sample 

Original process and pain points:

>>Clients need to pack the liquid in the EP tube into multiple frozen tubes, print and paste labels for each frozen tube according to the original spray code on the EP tube, and spray code on the cover of the tube. At the same time, the whole process also involves the opening and closing of the EP tube and the frozen storage tube. At present, the daily throughput of the client is 10000, which requires 5-6 technicians to cooperate with each other, and the labor cost continues to increase.

>>Employees do simple and boring repetitive work for a long time, which often leads to the loss of personnel. It takes time to train skilled technical personnel. Because of the manual operation, the separation stability is poor, and it is easy to make mistakes and cannot be traced back.


We have designed a loading tray for clients. After loading and opening the cover of the sample tube, the liquid is transferred into the frozen storage tube which is arranged by automatic material arrangement. Combined with the customized online labeling and cover opening and closing module, the layout of assembly line is adopted to accurately and efficiently meet the clients’ requirements and win the full affirmation of clients. 

Drug Development

Case: Parallel synthesis system of compound 

Original process and pain points:

>>Clients need to label and scan the 40 ml sample bottle manually. According to the pre-set conditions, a variety of solid and liquid materials with different proportions should be added and shaken well. At least 400 sample bottles are completed every day. Repeated work is frequent and error prone. Multiple teams are required to operate cooperatively, and the labor cost continues to increase.

>>It takes time to train skilled technicians, and it is difficult to recheck after mistakes. The tracing process wastes manpower and resources.


We combine our own mature labeling, scanning and pipetting modules to develop a personalized module that meets the needs of clients. We use a six-axis manipulator to complete the sample transfer, perfectly solve the client needs, speed up the clients’ operation process, and liberate the manual operation of the experimenter, improve the utilization rate of talents and effectively control the total cost.

Petrochemical Industry

Case: Pretreatment automation system of gas chromatography sample 

Original process and pain points:

>>Clients need to carry out the liquid transfer and sub loading of the samples, and then carry out the test on the gas chromatography, and get the analysis report. The whole process is very strict with the operation requirements. Human error may lead to misjudgment of the whole batch quality.

>>The operation process needs to be fully supervised and traceable. Before that, paper records and manual labeling were used on the sample bottle, which requires high responsibility and workflow of operators.

>>The sample has strong volatility, which is harmful to the health of operators. The work content is single and repetitive, and the post staff often lose.


We have designed a loading tray for customers, which can automatically complete loading and unloading, opening and closing of the cover, and pipetting and filling, and read the barcode of the original sample quality control, spray the code of the 2ml tube body, and realize the automatic injection of 2ml sample bottle with the mechanical arm. And according to the actual site layout of clients, the automation requirements of clients are fully met.

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