Drug Discovery

High-Throughput Screening

The high-throughput screening technology is the cornerstone of modern drug discovery, and the automated integration system based on robots is an important part of high-throughput screening. Whether it is pharmaceutical enterprises, translational medicine institutions or scientific research institutions, we can provide customized automated high-throughput screening solutions. The equipment that we can integrate includes but is not limited to: liquid processing workstation, nano upgraded pipette, liquid separator, barcode printing / pasting / scanning modules, membrane tearing machine, membrane sealing machine, plate centrifuge, cryogenic storage tank for compound, cell culture box, plate stacking, enzyme marker, high content analyzer, etc.

Lead Optimization

The automation system can realize efficient bioassay, ADME / Tox data measurement and integrated analysis, and accelerate the optimization iteration process with the blessing of rational design.

Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology is a new interdisciplinary subject, which allows us to modify and create new biological systems rationally in the way of engineering. Through the integration of hardware and software, the automation system can run the engineering cycle of "design-building-test-learning", and accelerate the research and transformation of synthetic biology.

Molecular Cloning

Molecular cloning, as the basic technology of life science, has been widely used in synthetic biology. The automated technology realizes the tedious experimental steps of nucleic acid purification, PCR, enzyme digestion, ligation and receptive state transformation, which is very important to accelerate the research of synthetic biology.

DNA Assembly

DNA assembly is an important but time-consuming step in the construction of long-term fragments. At present, DNA automatic assembly has become a mature technology, which can greatly improve the prototype trial production ability of synthetic biology.

Genome Scale Engineering

Genome scaling DNA editing methods (such as MAGE, CAGE and TRMR) often involve a large number of parallel experiments and multiple iterations, which can hardly be realized without automation. We can provide you with a highly flexible and configurable automation system to complete the whole genome editing process. 

Sample Management

Compound Management

Modern drug development is often based on high-throughput screening of thousands of compounds. The automatic system can realize efficient management of compound library, including flexible and controllable storage, extraction, monitoring and transfer of samples, recording and tracking of real-time sample related information, and backup and sorting of intelligent compound library.


The establishment of biological sample bank, including the establishment of a population-specific resource library with a large sample size for the whole blood, serum, plasma, body fluids, tissues, cells or biological macromolecules (such as proteins, nucleic acids, etc.) of an organism, can provide important clinical data source for biological research, disease prevention and clinical detection. Automatic sample collection, processing and storage for specific sample types is very important for efficient transformation and utilization of sample library. 

Cellular Biology Research

Cell Culture

According to different cell characteristics, automatic cell culture can design specific operations such as passage, monitoring, liquid change and transfer, so as to ensure that cells can grow under highly stable and controllable conditions and eliminate the pollution and low reproducibility problems caused by human operation.

Cellular Assay

Automated operation can achieve high-throughput cytology analysis experiments with various types and tedious steps, accurately control the processing time and conditions of key steps and improve the accuracy and repeatability of experimental results.

Gene-editing & Cell Line Development

Based on automated cell culture, passage and various automated cell biochemical detection, we can realize the automatic operation process from plasmid transfection to monoclonal screening and identification of stably transfected cells, greatly reducing the human demand for stable cell line construction, and ensuring the efficient and controllable experimental process.

Stem Cell Research

The culture and treatment of stem cells need higher standard operation procedures and frequent quality control analysis. Our automatic system can easily achieve stem cell culture, maintenance, passage, transfection and so on, while maintaining its dryness. 


Library Preparation

With the rapid development of sequencing technology, high-throughput sequencing has become an important part of life science related research and application. Automation system has the key advantages of high throughput, standardized operation and pollution avoidance in the preparation of sequencing library.


High throughput genotyping analysis based on various genotyping kits can be used for genetic identification, criminal investigation technology, genetically modified organisms’ identification and molecular diagnosis. 

Drug Discovery Synthetic Biology Sample Management Cellular Biology Research Genomics
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