MegaLab Robot Lab
Comprehensive Experimental Capacities

With our equipment and existing equipment on the market, MegaLab™ can complete almost all the common biological experiments: pipetting, centrifugation, incubation, cell culture, PCR, colony picking, liquid dispensing, labeling, scanning code, platereading, high content screening, shaking, lidding/delidding, sealing/desealing, gel electrophoresis, flow cytometry, nucleic acid extraction, plate transport, etc.

Own Manipulator

The six-axis robotic arm MRZ-04 developed by MEGAROBO can meet the most stringent requirements of arm span, precision and weight-bearing. At the same time, we have specially customized grippers for microplates, which can realize the operation of feeding and fetching plates for various instruments.

Multi-Level System

Whether you need a large-scale high-throughput drug screening system or a simple high-content auto sampler, we can provide solutions for you all. 

Personalized Customization

We have a professional biology team, on the basis of understanding your needs, to design for you. Whether it is the mainstream mature process or personalized experimental solutions, we are willing to provide customized services for you.

Local Support

For the customized system, the installation is only half of the success. Clients will encounter various use problems in the subsequent use, and may also have personalized needs, which requires continuous after-sales support. The service cost and response speed of foreign manufacturers are the constraints. We provide the most localized and timely after-sales support for Chinese clients to maximize the utilization efficiency of the system and ensure the smooth operation of the system.

Neutral Selection of Instruments

Compared with the automation integration business of large instrument manufacturers, we emphasize the selection of instruments from the perspective of clients' actual needs, respect and support clients to choose the most appropriate instruments and equipment on the market. We are happy to support any instrument from any manufacturer. What we care about is that our clients get stable and available systems with superior performance, and we don't hard sell any equipment. 

Knowing about Advantages of Automation
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