MegaFluent Laboratory Automation Software
Intuitively full graphical interface

You only need to drag the device operation command into the program and connect it in series to complete the experimental process design. The software automatically generates the underlying instructions and shields the complex operations behind the device. The only thing you need to pay attention to is your experiment. All other details will be taken care of by us.

Multi-thread dynamic and static scheduling improves the throughput and ensures the quality

MegaFluent™ software can run your multiple experiments in parallel according to the equipment resources to maximize the experimental throughput and improve the utilization of the equipment. When the program is running, the software can not only run according to the established plan, but dynamically optimize your experiment according to the actual progress of the experiment, so as to save your precious time. In addition, the software also supports the real-time addition of running programs to enhance the experimental throughput at any time.

Powerful Error Handling Mechanism

Various errors may occur in the operation of biological instruments, and the powerful error-handling mechanism is an important guarantee for the smooth operation of the system. The software can detect and report equipment error information at any time, provide a variety of error handling options, and can flexibly preset various automatic error handling plans.

Whole Process Monitoring

The software tracks and records the operation information of the samples on any device in real time, including the time of entering and leaving various devices and any warning or error information of the equipment during the period. Any timeout and error information will be reflected in the results report, so that you know every step at your fingertips. 

Remote Monitoring

Through the app, you can remotely view the operation status of the experiment and equipment at any time, and can receive various system events and alarm information in time, and make timely processing on the app. 

Seamless Access of LIMS System

Data processing and LIMS interface can be customized according to your needs, and seamlessly embedded in your LIMS system and all data will be for you. 

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